Tuesday 11 August 2009

OBG....OPS.....testing, testing... Cycle 2, Day 16

Today was a test of Steve's stamina...and mine, for that matter.

We walked to the Oxford Botanic Gardens (OBG) this morning fully loaded with all our photographic kit: cameras, lenses, spare batteries and battery pack, monopod, lens cleaning papers and such like and spent a happy couple of hours experimenting with the new telephoto and macro lenses with mixed results, as expected. However, enough good stuff to encourage us to persevere.....

Lunch in town, followed by a bit of shopping for dressing up clothes - things to help us look the part when we go to the Goodwood Revival event in September, trying to dress for the 50s era - then the walk home mid-afternoon, carrying even more than we started out with. But we made it.

Time to catch our breath at home, shower, hair wash, then out again early evening to the private view of the Oxford Photographic Society's (OPS) Annual Exhibition in The Gallery, Oxford Town Hall. Jolly good it was too. Do go if you are down this way - details on this link http://www.oxfordphotosociety.co.uk/home.htm

It's early evening now and we are both whacked. But Steve has done remarkably well for someone in his condition and passed the test with flying colours. Long may it last!

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