Tuesday 25 August 2009

Learning to expect the unexpected

We had hoped that after an extra week's rest from chemo, Steve's immune system would be strong enough to take on another round of treatment today. But to everyone's surprise (including the doctor who remarked how well Steve is looking) whilst the white blood cell count was better than last week, it's still not up to the level required by the drug trial protocol before Velcade can be administered.

So - no treatment today or Friday; try again next week....

Where does that leave us?
  • the revised treatment dates I finally got round to putting on the calendar will have to be updated again (good job they're in pencil this time)
  • plans to do things during future "weeks off" chemo are still on hold (a bit frustrating)
  • the revised earliest date for the end of the treatment is now pushed back to the last week in November
  • I'll need to sort out some clashes between my work commitments and Steve's "new" hospital days
On the bright side
  • all the other tests results were normal
  • Steve's immune system will be fighting fit before the next dose of Velcade is administered
  • we're learning to expect the unexpected, getting better at being flexible and adaptable and making the best of how things turn out
  • there's an unexpected "window of opportunity" to do things now this week is free of hospital visits and the need to allow for post-chemo recovery
Time to have a cup of tea and think about some enjoyable things to do (once the remains of ex-hurricane Bill have passed over us...)

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