Posted on February 16, 2016
It is with profound sadness that I am writing this blog.
Steve WrideSteve Wride passed away yesterday.  In July 2015, I had the sheer joy of meeting up with Steve and Linda Wride in London.  Oh how we laughed, cried a bit, and felt like we had been friends for decades.  I am going to remember Steve in many ways, as his gentleness, love of life, adventurous spirit, witty humor, and artistic talents touched me deeply during the past years.
As Linda wrote in her “Not Fade Away” blog today:
Six years and eight months almost to the day since diagnosis, Steve’s mesothelioma journey is now over. He died at home, in the familiar and comfortable surroundings of our bedroom (as he wished) shortly before 9 am yesterday morning. The last creative thing he did was to design and print a Valentines card which he presented to me on Sunday, St Valentine’s Day. It was inspired by the lyrics of the Stones 1963 single Not Fade Away.  I cannot think of a better tribute to mark his passing… A heartfelt thanks from me, Jack and Katie for all the love and support that has been flowing our way from dear friends all over the world.   In the words of the song “A love that’s real not fade away”.   With love to you all xxxxxx” -Linda Wride
Below is my blog from December 2014 which gives you a deeper understanding to Steve and Linda. Without a doubt, Linda’s “Doing Something Positive” blogs helped our community and allowed us to draw strength from them.
Steve, your spirit and fight lives on in all of us.   Linda, may our love and support ease your pain as you begin your healing journey.
I will update this post with details about Steve’s service and memorial donations as they are made public.
With love,
Linda Reinstein
Posted on December 30, 2014
Steve Wride A Face of Courage_edited-2As 2014 comes to an end, I am quietly reflecting on the many inspirational Mesothelioma Warriors who live courageously.
Traditionally, courage is defined as the ability to do something that frightens one and to possess strength in the face of pain or griefSteve and Linda Wride truly embody courage in every sense of the word.
When Linda captured and shared Steve’s black and white photo – something struck me. It wasn’t his sparse hair and visible check bones that I saw, but rather his courage, gentleness, and peacefulness.
Steve was diagnosed with mesothelioma five and a half years ago, a diagnosis that not only turned his life upside down but also that of his family. Together, Linda and Steve have braved the harsh realities of cancer, undergone chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and embraced promising clinical trials. But most importantly, they have lived their life by “Doing Something Positive” with every step of their mesothelioma journey.
Living vicariously through Linda’s blogs, photos, and Facebook posts, they have taken us on many adventures from soaring in hot air balloons and helicopters, to travel adventures in Brussels, Morocco, and France to name just a few stops on their journey. The love they share radiates through their beautiful photographs and serves as an inspiration to the global Mesothelioma Warrior Community.
Linda Steve Wride Rome 2012
Linda Steve Wride Rome 2012
I’m not alone; many of us have been deeply touched and moved by the Wride’s courage. Steve and Linda hold hope closer now, as they focus more intently on life, family, each moment they share, and memories they make.
Steve, miles may stand in our way of me giving you a kiss on your check, by I will again rely on Linda to deliver my love, respect, and thanks. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher about courage, resilience, and valor to our whole mesothelioma community and me.
You can follow Steve and Linda through her blog titled, “Doing Something Positive.”
As Mary Anne Radmacher says, “ Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.”
With love,