Friday, 27 April 2012

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As well as hail, thunder, rain and bright sunny weather during April, there has been a bit of emotional cloud hanging over Henry Road for the last couple of weeks.  Being recalled by the hospital for a follow-up appointment with a doctor to discuss gynae scans seemed rather ominous and we didn't know whether it would affect plans to celebrate our imminent ruby wedding anniversary next week.

After a 45 minute wait that seemed like hours, I was eventually called in to the diagnostic suite to meet the doctor, leaving Steve in the waiting area. To my delight and relief, the doctor was smiling.  She had reviewed the scans and was unable to detect any abnormalities.  However, as there was no obvious cause for last month's happening which triggered this chain of events, she thought it best to take a biopsy for testing to rule out endometrial cancer for certain.

I'm not going into details (just the thought of it makes me wince...)  However, ten minutes later I was back with Steve, who looked relieved to see me smiling. The biopsy results take 6-8 weeks to process so I won't know whether I've been given the final all clear until then.  However, the doctor's attitude was positive, I'm asymptomatic and think it just a body blip.  Blipping body!

Best of all, we have no need to change our plans for next week.  Full steam ahead!  It may be raining outside here and now, but the weather forecast for our anniversary is sunny and we are both feeling good!   

You'll have to wait to find out how we celebrated this special milestone...but thank you for the cards which have already started arriving!

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  1. Hey Linda
    So pleased all clear - am sure in 6 weeks they will say the same.
    I hope the forthcoming event is the best held in the whole of UK and will certainly be a well remembered celebration for you and your family and friends.
    Keep us all positive
    Jan xx