Tuesday, 17 April 2012

moving on

It's been a busy couple of days for us - no time to ponder on last week's scans or next week's follow up appointment.  

On Sunday, we packed the car with various things we had been storing for our daughter Katie and set off late morning from Oxford to Manchester on the first leg of a two day round trip of 450 miles or so. Extra pairs of hands are always welcome when moving home, so that's what we became on Sunday afternoon, helping to shift odd bits of furniture around in the soon-to-be old flat, before reaping the reward of a pleasant stroll along the canal into the city centre for a farewell Manchester meal with Katie and her partner Ed.  

Everything was sorted and packed by the time the removal men arrived on Monday morning, and we followed soon after on leg 2 of the journey from Manchester to London, where Katie will be living from now on.  After admiring the new flat over a cup of tea, we repacked the car with a different set of things to bring back here until such time as they are needed in future, including a double mattress which between the four of us, we somehow managed to squeeze into a space much too small to accommodate it comfortably.  

Late Monday afternoon and we were back on the road again, traveling from London to Oxford on the last leg of the journey home.  With a bit of effort, Steve and I managed to prise the mattress out of the car and unpack the rest of the things before collapsing with drinks and tapas in front of the TV for what was left of the evening.

We moved on again this morning.  This time, a small journey into town to meet the bank's business advisor, but a big step for Wride and Company as we came home with a business bank account and all the stuff that goes with it.

If you had told me back in June 2009 when Steve was diagnosed with mesothelioma that almost three years later we would be starting up a new business together, I would have thought you completely mad.  Perhaps we are!  

However, life goes on and we are going on too, together, for as long as possible......It was only this morning, when checking the calendar, that I realized we have just passed another mini-milestone, 16 April, which means that it now two years and 10 months since Steve was diagnosed with mesothelioma and he's still going strong. The next big milestone is our 40th wedding anniversary, just two weeks away as I write. Another precious milestone almost within our grasp!  

We know that this state of affairs won't last forever and times will get very tough indeed at some point in the future.  However, when that day comes, we will have some wonderful experiences in the memory bank to look back on and enjoy.  We also know there is a community of real and virtual friends who will be there for us, whenever we need them, just like the meso warriors have been rallying round Janelle in America and Tess in Kent, who have been struggling recently.  We send love and positive thoughts to both of you.  

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