Friday, 13 April 2012

changing places

I've lost count of how many times we visited hospital over the last three years or so....Apart from the recent trip to Bristol Dental Hospital with our son, on every other occasion as far as I can recall, it's been Steve who disappeared off for a scan or an X-Ray, leaving me waiting for his return, trying not to get too anxious.

Today we changed places.  It was me having the scans and Steve in the waiting room.  He said it was OK waiting for the first 10 minutes. However, he began to get anxious when another 10 minutes had gone by and there was no sign of me. When I emerged smiling, I thought I could sense relief.....Now he knows how I feel when I wait for him!

Afterwards, the radiographer said he couldn't see anything "exciting" on the scan, so the report would be sent to our GP.  Based on his remark and smile, I hoped that would be an end to it.  Bodies have blips after all, especially when they've been round the block a couple of times!

However, I have just had a phone call from the hospital to say they would like to see me at the follow up clinic to discuss the scans, which sounds rather ominous.  The appointment isn't for another two weeks and, as Steve says, if it was really serious I'd be booked in for a follow up session straight away.  

So now I know how he feels, waiting for news at his three monthly assessments.  

We will carry on as usual in the meantime and stay positive, probably the most important thing we've learned in the last three years.

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  1. For once I'm wishing you good luck with your scans Linda not Steve.
    So hope all goes well with you as well