Thursday, 12 April 2012

Busy * Body!


After a brief lull over a lazy Easter weekend, we've got back into top gear and have been very active since then, ticking off lots of things on the "to do" list:

  • decisions drafted for the Guernsey Planning Panel
  • 15 images printed, mounted, packed and posted to Leeds for a photographic assessment later this month
  • a meeting with Nomads, a group of artists who invited me to join and exhibit with them during Oxford Artweeks 2012
  • Steve has collected his new specs (the upside of loosing his last pair on a recent trip to Bristol is that he now has TWO new pairs of glasses to play hide-and-seek with around the house)
  • accommodation booked, airport parking and transfers arranged for our anniversary celebration next month (all we have to do is pre-order from the menu and our dinner will be waiting for us on arrival, and get travel insurance - never easy with any sort of pre-existing medical condition, very difficult with mesothelioma.....)
  • ironing basket nearly empty (that may not sound like much to you, but its a triumph from our point of view!)
  • arrangements in place to help with daughter Katie's imminent move to London
  • a small house-warming gift ready and waiting to take to our friends tomorrow, when we join them and others for a meal
  • invitation to another house warming (only 5 years late!) accepted with delight
  • words written for the "Share Your Story" on the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization's (ADAO) website
  • new camera lens ordered as it will cost nearly as much and take twice as long to get the broken one repaired
  • plus Steve has produced some very elegant designs for a letter head.....why, you may ask?
which brings me to 


After almost 40 years of marriage, Steve and I have come together as a new body.  No longer just joined in matrimony, as of today we are officially incorporated and co-Directors of "Wride and Company" planning consultancy.  

Still lots to do to get the show on the road properly - business bank account, website, e-mail account and book-keeping to sort out, plus informing HMRC and such like, but the foundation stone is laid.  

We won't be going out of our way to hustle for business - there are more important priorities in life!   However, it means that my role in Guernsey will now be on a professional business footing.  And at long last, the support Steve has given me freely over the years - proof-reading and editing, sorting out IT stuff, driving me everywhere, and a million other small but essential things that I almost take for granted - will be properly recognized ("and about time too" I can almost hear him mutter in the background!)  

Please raise your glasses in a  "virtual" toast this evening to celebrate with us.

Cheers, everyone!

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