Thursday 5 April 2012

a first time for everything

It's been a week of first times - 
  • Daughter Katie passed her driving test first time!  Well done Katie :-)  
  • I opened my first Tribunal in Guernsey and everything went well  
  • We are sorting out arrangements for our first visit to Morocco - how to choose a riad with so many lovely places on offer?  
  • I know the British climate has its peculiarities, but it must have been the first time the people of Aboyne in Scotland have experienced record high temperatures and snow in the space of just one week
Other than that, life goes on as normal......

Unusually for us, we have no plans for the Easter weekend - a short breathing space in the midst of other activities to sort ourselves out.  Perhaps it's time to give the house and garden a bit of TLC and catch up on e-mails or the backlog of photos waiting to be processed.  Or answer the call of the great outdoors, if the weather is fine.  We'll have to do something to burn off the chocolate calories waiting to be consumed....

Whatever you are doing, enjoy yourselves - Happy Easter!

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