Saturday 14 April 2012

how to pick a winner (and find distraction)

How to pick a winner:

Take son's birthday, add daughter's first name and the initial of your surname, and think of last night's meal......Puzzled?

Since placing a winning bet on the Grand National last year, Steve has indulged in the occasional flutter on some of the classic races over the horse racing calendar. Looking through the runners and riders in this year's Grand National, his eye was caught by No 13, a horse called Sea Bass, ridden by Katie Walsh. Now does the puzzle make sense? An irresistible choice from our point of view! The horse seemed too have good form and he placed a small bet before the odds shortened and it had became favourite in the run up to the start of the race.  

Watching the National on TV felt a bit like watching last week's Boat Race, with several false starts and some high drama over the course of the race.  OK, so Sea Bass didn't win, but it did come third and Katie Walsh did better than any other female jockey to date (and most males, for that matter!) Steve was a happy bunny to see his horse come home in 3rd place, but we were both saddened when we heard that two of the horses had to be put down afterwards.

The build up to the race was a welcome distraction from researching gynaecological cancer, which has I confess has pre-occupied me over the last 24 hours or so, since the hospital rang to arrange an appointment at the follow up clinic after yesterday morning's scans.  

Thank goodness we'll be too busy (and probably too tired) over the next few days to give it any thought whatsoever. By then, I hope have distance myself a little from dwelling on something that hasn't happened yet, and hopefully never will.  You'd have thought I would have learnt that lesson by now! But thanks to everyone whose been in touch since yesterday's blog - much appreciated, as always.

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