Wednesday, 30 June 2010

travel insurance saga - a happy ending

In a last ditch attempt to find a reasonably priced travel insurance, this afternoon I googled "travel insurance cancer" and near the top of the page noticed a link to a newspaper article by Judith Potts published yesterday under the headline "Travel insurance can be astronomical for cancer sufferers.  But not if you choose carefully."  

This looked promising.......

Half way down the page was the phrase "I was beginning to despair until I came upon a company called Insurancewith ( tel 0845 2307 159)" which was started by Flora Macrae to help people like us, based on her own experience of trying to get cover after treatment for breast cancer.

I followed the link, completed the medical screening online for Steve's mesothelioma and his arthritis (which has now run its course, according to the doctor) and was rewarded with a policy covering both of us costing less than £65, including an additional premium of £11.54 relating to Steve's medical declaration.  

Three cheers for Flora Macrea for her enlightened approach to insuring cancer sufferers and to Judith Potts for writing about it....not forgetting Google who found the newspaper article for me.

A happy ending all round.  Hip hip hurray !!!!!!!!!!

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