Friday 4 June 2010

time flies....

It's been almost three months since Steve's last hospital check up and the time has flown by having fun - visits to Bristol and Huddersfield to see family; cheering Jack on at his half-marathon in Bath; walks in Oxford, the Peak District and Hampshire both together and with friends; Jack and Katie (and George) visiting here; meals out with friends, including Jon and Sally, Richard and Alison over from France and Ian visiting from Vietnam; a trip to London Zoo; a weekend on the Gower; a week in the Lake District, and a trip to Lord's to see a test match.  

But we are now getting close to Steve's next assessment - trying hard not to get too stressed and to stay positive about the outcome. Steve still feels fine in terms of his breathing, although he has been suffering a bit with hay fever recently, like many others. The hay fever tablets seem to be doing the trick, so we don't think it's Leo flexing his muscles. Steve is also suffering with a stiff neck - his arthritis seems to be flaring up again, so he might need to go back on the anti -inflammatory drugs for a while.  So what do you do when you have a stiff neck?  Book the trial flying lesson he was given as a birthday present in March and loop-the-loop.  Something to look forward to after next week's assessment!

Things are moving slowly forward on the damages claim front.  We have received copies of the reports from the medical consultant and asbestos environmental specialist, and Court Papers have been served on Oxford Brookes University, successors in title to Oxford Poly, which seems to be the most likely cause of Steve's exposure to asbestos. I guess we sit and wait now to see if they fight the claim or settle out of court.

In the meantime, the sun shines and we are making the most of it.  Katie and George are visiting for the weekend and we went out for a meal at lunchtime in Oxford Castle, then on to Carluccio's where some of my photos are being exhibited today, tomorrow and Sunday as part of the Festival of Flowers and Gardening.  I'm also celebrating the news that three of my images have been selected for Issue 6 of Fotoblur magazine.  You can see them in my portfolio : Twist (page 2) Down and around (page 3) and Into the light, together (page 6). 

Plans are progressing for a bit of a do in July when I will have a significant birthday and there are other invitations to follow up between then and now.  But first we have to get through next week's assessment.  I'll keep you posted on the outcome.  Keep your fingers crossed for Steve xxx

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