Tuesday 15 June 2010

364.5 days and counting.....

This time last year I was in London preparing for a work-related meeting scheduled for tomorrow, worried about leaving Steve on his own to hear the results of the biopsy which was carried out when fluid was drained from his lungs and the pleurodesis op that followed to stick the lining of his lungs back together.  

Ironically I shall be in London again tomorrow on the anniversary of his mesothelioma diagnosis, but this time I'm being being trained as a health and safety rep for my union, Prospect.  If nothing else during the last twelve months, I have begun to develop a better appreciation of work-related H & S issues.  If I can help prevent someone else having to go through the sort of experience Steve has had this last year, then it will be worthwhile.

The date of 16 June 2009 will stay in my mind forever, probably because I feel horribly guilty that I wasn't there to support Steve when he heard the news.  Steve, on the other hand, says he is quite relaxed about it.  The disease has started before the diagnosis.  16 June just happened to be the day he was told about it, although he had been worried about developing mesothelioma ever since his dad had died of it as a result of breathing in asbestos when working in the ship yards in Bristol before he was born.

But here we are, almost a year to the day since the diagnosis was delivered, and life goes on.  Steve's condition is still stable, something that seemed almost too much to hope for twelve months ago.  But in the last year he has had chemo; taken his vitamin tablets and mushroom supplements every morning; walks as much, if not more, than most people of his age, and still acts like a kid from time to time.  We both try to be positive, and have benefitted greatly from the love, support and practical help we have received from you.  Thank you!

What does the next year hold?  Who can tell?  You'll just have to dip into the blog from time to time to find out.  I can say that there are good things to look forward to....Watch this space :-)

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