Sunday 27 June 2010

the ecstasy and the agony

Up until a couple of hours ago, it had been a great weekend.  The sun shone on us in Bristol as we walked the downs at Clifton and peered down into the Avon Gorge, followed by tea with our nephew Nick, his partner Kate and baby Esme who has grown so much since we last saw her and chortles merrily.  

We spent the night at our son Jack's house where we had a good meal and caught up on news.  We were out and about again the following morning visiting the SS Great Britain down in the floating harbour, where we were amazed and delighted by how much had changed since our last visit when Jack was not much bigger than a toddler. 

Took the ferry shuttle across the water for lunch, then back again after to clamber over the reconstructed Matthew, currently moored along side Brunel's masterpiece.  

Steve's mum was the object of our afternoon visit - it's her birthday this coming week so a good opportunity to deliver her card and present, and spend some time with her. We headed home via what seems like an obligatory shopping trip to Ikea, this time for a picture frame and some bits and pieces for the significant birthday party which is beginning to loom large.  Steve took it all in his stride, in spite of the high pollen count which gave him itchy eyes and a bit of a wheeze.

Today started full of hope and promise, with the prospect of seeing the England football team swing into action and play their way through to the next round of the World Cup. However, not surprisingly, the goal that was not a goal seemed to signal an accelerating decline in the  side's fortunes and the rest (as they say) is history. Ah well, at least life won't revolve around forthcoming football matches to the same degree that it would have done had things turned out differently.  However, at least the England cricket team was successful.......just!

Time to put the disappointment behind us and look forward to the good things that are planned for the rest of June and July!

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