Wednesday 2 June 2010

another first.....

Having enjoyed our first visit to the Lake District recently, we did another "first" on Sunday. But you have got to guess what and where!
Clue 1
Maroon and gold stripes were being worn by the chosen few
Clue 2
Most people were drinking alcohol (beer, Pimm's or champagne) from 11 am
Clue 3
Favourite pastime of those observing was reading the Sunday papers, closely followed by dozing in the sun, whilst the most energetic did a Mexican Wave, made strange noises occasionally, and from time to time waved red cards with 4 or 6 on them in the air
Still haven't worked it out?
Clue 4
This should help!

Yup....We made our first visit to Lord's and watched our first Test Match England v Bangladesh.  It was Jack's idea and he joined us for the experience and gave me the idiot's guide to the rules of the game.  And here is a taster of what we saw!

and here's the Mexican wave...and the lady who turned her back on the bowler!

and that's not all....

....We finished off the day at a party in Oxford to say farewell to Emily and Nick who are going off on their travels to the Far East shortly....

Cramming so much into one day and the early hours of the next took its toll and we have taken time to recover (not just Steve but me too)  But it was worth it!

On a more sombre note, two weeks ago we were happily strolling around the harbour at Whitehaven in Cumbria.  We could hardly believe our eyes and ears as today's story of multiple shootings in the area unfolded on the news. Our hearts go out to those affected by the tragedy.  

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