Tuesday 15 December 2009

one small step and lots of celebrations

Unless Steve has a late night panic, this is a special day - the first time in ages that he not needed to take an anti-nausea tablet. One small step, but a good sign, nevertheless!  Cause to celebrate - which we did this evening at the Oxford Studio Christmas meal, with our friend Ruth over from Vietnam for a short stay.  We toasted Steve's success at keeping Leo under control and my success in the RHS Photography Competition - more of which when it becomes public officially!

The 60th un-birthday party celebration on Saturday was very enjoyable - many thanks, Elizabeth! The wine flowed freely; there was excellent home-made food; live music...and we were weren't the only ones dancing!  As well as meeting E's family, I bumped into my former tutor, John G, from student days, and David C from my time at Oxford City. We also spent some time singing along with, and talking to, a couple whose son worked with Ruth's daughter. They had also visited Vietnam, where we still hope to go next year. When we walked into the treatment room at the GP surgery today for our swine flu jabs, there was the same lady we had been talking to on Saturday night.  It's a small world....

Slowly but surely, plans and preparations for Christmas are coming together.  The cards are posted or have been delivered locally, by hand.  Most of the presents are sorted out.  The tree will come inside tomorrow to be decorated and a Christmas wreath will go on the door.  And we might even have some snow.....

I'll try to post some pictures soon. This blog is a bit light on images for a pair of so-called photographers!

Life is almost close to being normal.  It feels good.  We do hope to see lots of you at some point or other, over the festive season!

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