Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Changeover day, number crunching and more "thank you"s

It's an in-between sort of day - Christmas is over but New Year has yet to arrive; Jack departed for Bristol just as George arrived from Manchester; the weather can't make up its mind whether to rain, sleet or drop a few snow flakes. Time to catch up on some of the things we've been putting off.....

Because Steve's chemo treatment involved many more visits to hospital than the standard treatment, the company that makes the trial drug Velcade will pay for our travel and parking expenses. I spent some time this afternoon going back through the blog noting dates of visits specifically relating to chemo and associated assessments, and collecting together the parking charge receipts.  There were 32 visits in all between 10 June and 11 December, a total of just over 350 miles traveling back and forward between home and the Cancer Centre. Add to that the parking charges, and it begins to mount up.....

Looking back over the blog has also stirred up lots of memories - cannulas, blood tests, CT scans, X-rays, assessments, days out in "rest" weeks" between the long days in hospital for chemo. Still the side effects of the treatment linger on, but to a lesser extent with each day that passes.  A friend who has been through the chemo experience assures us that one day Steve will wake up and realize that he no longer has any side effects - we can put the sick bucket back in the cupboard and he can enjoy a meal without wondering whether it will be followed by nasty "off" flavours.  Thanks for the reassurance, Meg - much appreciated.

Re-reading the blog also reminded me of Jack's efforts to raise funds for cancer research by running in the Bath Half Marathon on 7 March 2010. Many thanks to Sarah and to Hil and Steve in Australia who have already sponsored him, taking the funds raised so far to 47% of his target.  The link to his Just Giving Page is on the right...If you have any money left after Christmas, please encourage the boy to carry on training through this horrible winter weather - he'll need to put in a bit of extra effort after all the mince pies he has eaten over the last few days!

Last but not least, we wish you all a very happy, healthy year in 2010 and look forward to seeing some of you here on 2 January!

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