Friday 18 December 2009

moving forward

Barring the unexpected, Steve had his last hospital appointment of 2009 yesterday.  Nothing to do with mesothelioma, but a return trip to the orthopaedic centre for the team to "review" his carbon fibre finger joint, which replaced the arthritic joint four years ago. It's still there. Still working. No oil required.  

He was asked about his general health so had to tell them about the cancer, which rather puts his arthritis in the shade. Nevertheless, they have invited him back again in 12 months to see how the replacement finger joint is faring. Let's hope that we are still here in a year's time, moaning about a hospital appointment so close to Christmas....

We have also had what I hope will be the last trip to the GP in 2009: we both had our swine flu jabs on Tuesday and Steve also had the seasonal flu jab in his other arm. Poor thing - both arms aching, not just one.  Our arms are still a bit tender, and Steve has also been feeling tired these last couple of days, which we assume is the side effect of the two flu jabs - just when he's almost recovered from chemo side effects....It will be a good day when he finally decides that it's safe to put the emergency bedside bucket back under the kitchen sink!

With hospital and doctor's appointments finally over for this year, we can move forward with preparations for Christmas. Time to wrap some presents, me thinks....

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