Tuesday 1 December 2009

How very strange......... no chemo!

It's Tuesday and we haven't had to spend the day in hospital - how very strange!  Now I think we can truly say that chemo is really over..

...What a pity the side effects aren't over as well, even after a rest week.  Following a couple of days respite, we were back to the morning sickness today, even though it was mild and swift. Steve still needs anti-nausea tablets morning and evening, and is getting frustrated by the strange flavours which are still affecting his taste from time to time.  That said, he really does seem noticeably better in himself in terms of energy levels, which are on the up (though still not normal) and mental alertness/taking an interest in things (the lassitude is lessening!)

It's 1st December and we have a busy time ahead, trying to make some more headway with preparations from Christmas.  However, as I have my head down for the rest of this week sorting out papers for a work-related meeting in London next week, I'm not sure how much progress we can expect to make in the meantime. 

Plans to get away for a short break before the festivities start in ernest have had to be put on hold/scaled down because Steve has a hospital appointment at the orthopaedic centre to review his bionic thumb the week after next, as well as next week's assessment meeting with the consultant to review any changes to the cancer following the last two cycles of treatment.  The chemo may have finished but the hospital visits carry on, for the time being at least.

However, I did manage to meet up with friends last Friday over a few drinks to catch up on news from Nottingham (lovely to see you Karen and Mark) as well as bumping into other old friends, quite by chance on separate visits to the Ashmolean (what nice surprises Paul and Veronique, and John and Kate!).  We'll be dropping in on other friends in London next week (looking forward to it, Peter and Paula!) and there's something else happening before then... but my lips are sealed until after the event!

Last but not least, a big thank you to our neighbour Marie, who never ceases to amaze us with her kindness and generosity. 

P. S. thanks for the Christmas joke, Glyn - Carols indeed! 

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