Saturday 5 December 2009

The great debate

It's two weeks and a day since Steve's last dose of chemo and we had hoped that the side effects of treatment would have worn off by now....But no, they still linger on.  Most mornings and evenings we have the great debate.  Should Steve have an anti-nausea tablet or try to manage without? He's desperate to get back to "normal".  In fact, he is doing rather is doing well.  He's not taking tablets during the day. However, he still needs them at other times, either in the morning or the evening.  

It's all a bit of a merry-go-round.  There are times when Steve is up, feeling fine and prancing about in the kitchen to whatever the i-pod decides to play at random.  At other times he's fed up, wondering why he now appears to be having side effects that he didn't notice before, like numbness in fingers and toes.  The spasms in his leg continue to annoy him from time to time, usually in the evenings after a long day sitting in front of the computer....I wonder why?

I think it will all settle down eventually.  The cumulative impact of chemo side effects that have built up over five months are bound to take more than a couple of weeks to disappear entirely.  Going to hospital so frequently and knowing that he would feel rough after chemo, meant that he was expecting the worst.  Now that doesn't happen, he has no obvious reason not to feel good and more time to be aware of the things that bother him.  It's really not surprising that he is feeling the way he is at the moment. What he needs are some distractions.  Let's see what we can do.....Watch this space!

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