Friday 20 November 2009

They think its all over - it is now! Cycle 6, Day 11

Well...very nearly all over, for the time being at least.  

It's twenty weeks and three days since our first meeting with Alana to discuss taking part in the Velcade drug trial. Since then, we've been to hospital 33 times by my reckoning mainly for chemotherapy, plus a few radiotherapy sessions, some CT scans and X-rays and three abortive visits when we were sent home again because Steve's white blood cell count was too low to continue treatment safely.  

But today Steve had his very LAST dose of Velcade, and we said our farewells and "thank you" to the staff on the Short Stay Oncology Ward which has felt like our second home since July, so much time have we spent there!  If you are at all curious about the Cancer Care Centre and live within reach of Oxford, there is a public open day tomorrow, Saturday 21 November, 11.00am-3.00pm.  Details  However, I think this is one invitation we can decline!

Although no more chemo is planned, Cycle 6 does not finish until 30 November, so officially Steve is about to start  a "rest week".  He'll need that period to get some relief from the side effects of the drugs, which have been building up with each successive cycle of treatment.  

We'll back in hospital again some time in the next week or two for Steve to have the last CT scan and X-ray to see what effect (if any) all the chemo has had on Leo, take part in the end-of-trial assessment and talk to the prof in the Chest Clinic.  More of that in the future....

But for now, we can both heave a huge sigh of relief that this stage in the treatment is over.  Steve isn't up to a big celebration yet, but we've treated ourselves to a big box of chocs and, I dare say, a bottle will be opened this evening! Perhaps tea out somewhere special over the weekend.  All being well, he'll be feeling much better by the official end of the last cycle and we can enjoy a big celebratory meal and let off those spectacular fireworks!

We're not the only ones with something to celebrate today - happy 21st birthday Gina and many, many happy returns!

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