Thursday, 26 November 2009

Back on familiar territory... Cycle 6, Day 17

Although chemo is over, we were on familiar territory again this morning, back at hospital for Steve's CT scan and X-ray. No food or drink for 2 hours beforehand, so we had to get up very early for Steve to have breakfast well before the deadline, to avoid the nausea and sickness that still troubles him if he doesn't eat little and often.

The procedures themselves were very quick compared to a normal chemo day, even though Steve had to drink a litre of water (with something in it to help show up everything on the scan) as well as the usual iodine injection that makes it easier to see the cancer cells.  The usual wait afterwards over a coffee in the cafe to make sure he didn't collapse, then home.

Back to hospital on on 10 December to hear the results.  I'm hoping to be allowed to arrive late for a work-related event in Bristol which starts that day, so that I can be there with him to hear the news.

Recovering from the chemo side effects is a long, slow process - Steve still needs the anti-nausea tablets first thing in the morning and late at night, but is gradually weaning himself off taking them during the day.  That seems to be helping his head clear and he's less drowsy....So, good news - especially as the last cycle of treatment isn't officially over until next Monday, when this "rest week" finishes. 

He's a popular man at the moment - not only does the cancer care centre want to see him on 10 December, the Orthopaedic Centre wants to see him on the same day to see what's happened to the finger joint he had replaced a couple of years ago.  As he has yet to master the art of being in two places at once, I think the finger clinic will have to wait!

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