Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The shortest longest day... Cycle 6, Day 1

We were preparing ourselves for two things this morning: (1) getting to hospital then being sent home again looked like a possibility, given that the chemo side effects from cycle 5 lasted right through Steve's "rest" week, and (2) a very long day on the ward, if Steve's tests came back clear. We were wrong on both counts - he just managed to get over the first hurdle, and everything went like clockwork in terms of timing.  In fact, we were home an hour and a half earlier than normal on a long chemo day, which was great.

That's it.  The last LONG chemo day of this treatment is over.  No more Cisplatin for the time being.  Just three more short chemo days for Velcade, followed by a CT scan and X-Ray to check progress, and an appointment at the chest clinic to make sure that the lung linings are still stuck together, and no fluid where it shouldn't be.  But I'm getting a bit ahead of myself...for now we must batten down the hatches and get through the next two weeks.  Back to hospital again on Friday.....

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