Monday 2 November 2009

Just like buses .....Cycle 5, Day 14

You know how it is sometimes......nothing for a while, then lots of things come along together, just like buses.  

Fireworks night later this week follows hard on the heels of Halloween - so lots of "woooooos"  and scary faces last Saturday followed by bangs and swooshes this coming Thursday, as soon as it gets dark! 

The Art in Woodstock exhibition at Hope House closed yesterday. Today we did a quick turn around, swapped out some of my photos and added in some of Steve's and delivered them to the Sewell Centre Gallery at Radley College for "Christmas Cracker", the college's annual celebration of art and craft which opens next Saturday.  

The deadline for the Christmas edition of West Oxford News, the community association newsletter which Steve designs and edits, is upon plenty to keep him occupied indoors.  Then this evening, he was contacted by BBOWT, the local wildlife group, to see whether he's interested in designing a poster/handout for them - only catch, it has to be at the printers Monday morning, same as WOCA news. No pressure then....

What a good job there's no chemo this week, and that Steve is feeling less tired (though still taking the anti-nausea tablets).  The bad news is that I have come down with a cold, so will have to take care not to spread my germs around.  How ironic - I have my first ever flu jab then succumb to a common cold.

Got to be better soon - I'm due back at work on Thursday, it's the Radley Private View on Friday and a long awaited get-together on Saturday with my girlfriend contemporaries on Saturday.  They are coming to Oxford for a long weekend instead of going to Liverpool or Prague, so that I don't have to abandon Steve.  What wonderful friends - how thoughtful! The Round Table has kindly organized a big firework display and bonfire in South Parks on Saturday night for us, and the revamped Ashmolean Museum re-opens that same afternoon.  So....

....lots to look forward to in this welcome "rest" week, before we have to batten down the hatches for the sixth and final cycle of chemo in this drug trial.

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