Wednesday 11 November 2009

Here we go again... Cycle 6, Day 2

Day 2 of the last cycle of chemo and the side effects are back with a vengeance.  Steve took two anti-nausea pills with a cup of coffee in bed first thing.  Within minutes they had come back up again, along with the coffee, into the emergency bedside bucket.  

On the positive side, this episode didn't spoil his appetite and he was soon up, eating breakfast and taking the steroid anti-sickness tablets which he also needs for the first few days of the cycle. And they stayed down.  

By mid-morning however, Steve felt so tired that he took himself back to bed and stayed there, asleep for most of the time, until I woke him up for a bite to eat with his 2 o'clock steroid tablet.  

A bit more protein seems to have done the trick, and he is now up again, surfing the net and moderating the RPS forum.  It remains to be seen how late he can stay awake this evening.....

Will this be the daily pattern for the few weeks or so, I wonder?

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