Wednesday 30 September 2009

Same old, same old ...Cycle 4, Day 9

Steve has now done the 10m sprint between bathroom and bedroom for the third day in a row. Today, it happened at 5.45 am - rather earlier than usual.  We're a bit bleary-eyed as a result.  Methinks we will both need an early night tonight.

We are trying to stay positive.  However, if truth be told, the same old routine of hospital visits and trying to manage the side effects of chemo are making us feel fed up at the moment.  If we could be certain that the treatment is working, it would make it all worth while.  However, to find that out, we'll have to hang on in there until 13 October, when Steve will get the results of the assessment at the end of Cycle 4. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

One more dose of Velcade on Friday then a rest from treatment for a whole week (even though we'll be back in hospital for a scan and X-ray).  Let's hope the side effects of the chemo wear off in the week off.

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