Sunday 13 September 2009

Another milestone and more open doors ...........Cycle 3, Day 13

Another milestone - a family history event this time. Twenty eight years ago today we became parents for the first time when our son decided to arrive some three weeks before his due by date, catching us completely off guard. The family joke is that we still haven't caught up those three weeks. Happy birthday, Jack!

This afternoon, having eventually delivered Sarah safely to her train, we pushed open some more doors in Oxford, with a tour of the Centre for Islamic Studies (a work in progress but still impressive) and All Souls College, with its most amazing chapel. Tea and cakes in the cafe vaults of St Mary the Virgin, a stone's throw away in Radcliffe Square, staved off nausea.  

Steve used his bus pass for the first time today.  For the first time in ages, he also managed to get through a whole day without an antiemetic tablet.  Little nausea (if any) bodes well for the coming week when he has a rest from chemo and I take another break from work to make the most of it.

A good weekend and a week to look forward to....

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