Sunday 20 September 2009

Recipe for Revival... Cycle 3, Days 18, 19, 20

Start with a good journey to Chichester and fine weather (cutting out the slow moving traffic on the motorway following an earlier accident).  Then take two excellent hosts, wonderful food and wine, lots of news to catch up on, and very comfortable accommodation within walking distance of the event venue.  Mix well and leave to marinade overnight.

The following morning, put on your glad rags and get in character for the day. Add dozens of vintage and classic cars and motorbikes in all sizes, shapes and colours, parading and racing round the circuit, with good views of the action from a choice of grandstand seats.  

Stir in some nice surprises, including bumping into the neighbours from next-door-but one from home, and the chance to wave at Stirling Moss, driving laps of honour to celebrate his 80th birthday. 

Simmer gently over a pint of beer whilst watching the passing parade of people dressed up in the costumes of the 40s, 50s and 60s at ground level, and the historic planes overhead.  Follow up with a lie-in the next day, a Sunday morning stroll, a very pleasant lunch out and a safe journey home.

What do you have?  The recipe for a perfect trip away visiting friends and enjoying yourself at the "Goodwood Revival" meeting. Best served on a warm September weekend, at the end of a rest week in the chemo cycle.

It was a long day at the races, however, Steve managed to pace himself well and keep going. Although he felt tired and nauseous from time to time, taking rests and antiemetic tablets as and when necessary seemed to do the trick.  

Thanks Anne and Colin for helping us to celebrate Steve reaching the half way stage in his chemotherapy in such good style!  

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