Monday 7 September 2009


If you are wondering about the weird title of today's blog, please click on the header and read "My story".

Jack will be taking part in the 2010 Bath Half Marathon to raise money for Cancer Research UK, who sponsor the hospital ward where Steve has his chemotherapy. Please support him. His target is very modest - he'll reach it easily if he can raise around £6 per mile. That's equivalent to three people each giving up just one pint of beer to sponsor him for every one of the 13.1 miles he'll be running.

If that thought brings on the DTs or if money is tight, please put the date on next year's calender and in your diary NOW so you don't forget and come to Bath (if you can) to cheer him on and give him moral support instead!

Start time 11 am on 7 March 2010.

Course details and other information on

Cancer research brings hope that one day a cure will be found for mesothelioma and other incurable cancers, as well as more effective treatment for other types of cancers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support

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