Monday, 21 September 2009

Reality check ...Cycle 3, day 21

The joys of the past weekend and a visit from Murray this evening which helped take our mind off things are now being crowded out by thoughts of going back to hospital tomorrow to start Cycle 4 of chemotherapy.  

As the side effects of chemo seem to be getting more noticeable and lasting longer with each cycle, the thought of resuming treatment does not fill us with enthusiasm.  Plus, it will be a long, hard, and probably very boring day tomorrow with both Cisplatin and Velcade due to be given, assuming of course that all the tests come back clear.  Must remember to pack the bag with plenty of reading material..

If the chemo is having a positive effect, that would make it all worth while.  However, we won't know that until the end of cycle 4.  Very frustrating....

As you can probably tell, we're not exactly jumping for joy tonight.  However, I'm hoping we'll feel a bit more positive by the end of tomorrow when the long chemo day of this cycle will be behind us.


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