Saturday, 12 September 2009

A milestone and Open Doors ......Cycle 3, Days 11 and 12

Steve was a big boy yesterday and went to hospital all on his own, as I had to stay at home to sort out some work matters.  We kept in touch by phone, so that I knew when he had arrived safely and when his bloods and obs had been done.  I heaved a huge sigh of relief when he rang to say that he'd been cleared for treatment, and another when he let me know he was on his way home again.  

Yesterday's dose of Velcade was No. 12 out of a total 24 in the full six cycles of treatment.  He's halfway there!  A milestone passed on the "fighting Leo" journey.

We celebrated last night with Sarah who is visiting for the weekend, and spent a relaxed evening together catching up mutual news over good meal and wine, and probably a few too many nightcaps.  However, that didn't stop us rising and shining with the sun and heading off into town this morning to poke around in places that are not normally accessible to the public, as part of the Oxford Open Doors event.  

Some six hours later, we had visited to St Thomas church; toured the Said Business School; wandered round St John's College; dropped into the Bodleian Library to see the newest gargoyles based on designs by local children, and the chapel of Harris Manchester College to look at the fine carvings and stained glass windows by Edward Burne-Jones and William Morris. Sustained by a picnic half way round, we even managed a bit of shopping on the way home.  And the weather has been fantastic!

We were all a bit tired and foot sore by the time we arrived back home, but it was worth the effort.  Steve is taking a nap as I write, Sarah catching up with today's newspapers and I can hear a hot air balloon being inflated in the park at the end of the street. Time to get the camera out to take some pictures in the fast approaching golden hour, before thinking about tonight's meal and settling down for the last night of the Proms.  

What a lovely day.

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