Tuesday 20 December 2011

The Christmas get together

Although Steve was born in Bristol, the Wride family moved around a lot as he was growing up. When his parents decided to move back to Bristol in 1981, it was a bit like a home-coming.  Since then we have had a big family get together in Bristol at some point during the year. 

In the spring of 1981, there were eight of us and a ninth on the way. Here we are, three generations grouped together for a special occasion.

Spring Bank Holiday 1981

Over the succeeding years, the numbers and participants at the get together have varied, with one death (Steve's dad from mesothelioma nearly 20 years ago now); some changes in partners and new babies.  

By 2008, we numbered thirteen over four generations.  We had no idea that back then that Steve would be diagnosed with mesothelioma six months later.

Christmas 2008 

This year we celebrated Steve's third Christmas since diagnosis. The family gathering in Bristol was on Sunday and we were able to enjoy the festivities knowing that his condition is still stable - the best Christmas present we could have wished for. 

We have been fortunate again this year. Today's blog is dedicated to all those families less fortunate than ourselves.  

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