Tuesday 13 December 2011

Countdown: 2

I am a wuss.  I've been getting more and more stressed as the week goes on, worrying about something that hasn't happened yet. Then I look at other Meso Warriors' blogs and I feel such an idiot.  

I see Mavis and Ray getting on with life and having fun, even though Mavis is due to start chemo in the New Year. Jan is saying how lucky she is still to be at her desk, some 12 years after being literally struck down by the first symptoms of mesothelioma. Debbie is out and about, as always, even though she has to decide whether to go on chemotherapy depending on the results of her next scan in February. Amanda and Ray are looking forward to a drug-free Christmas, after beating pneumonia (not the best illness to come down with when you have meso!)  Tess has been hitting her "Targets" with a great weekend away in London and a shopping trip to France, even after three cycles on a drug trial and one cycle of chemotherapy.  

Then I look back at the blog and remind myself that life went on through Steve's first chemotherapy treatment and we still enjoyed ourselves. We just learned how to live with it and adapt. If the news is not good on Thursday, the world won't end. If treatment is necessary, I doubt very much whether it will start before Christmas and even if it does, we can work round it.  

I am going to stop feeling sorry for myself and just get on with it.  Do something positive woman, instead of getting wound up! 


  1. You are allowed to feel this way, you both battled through all the treatments without letting it get to you. When we expect the worst it doesn't usually happen and if it does then you are prepared.

    See you smiling on the otherside of the 15th

  2. thanks Jan - you always help keep things in perspective ;-)

  3. Bless you Linda. Sending lots of positive vibes for you & Steve.You will get through whatever comes together. Hugs. x

  4. Lots of luck with the scan, thinking of you both.