Monday 12 December 2011

Countdown: 4.....3.......

Sunday morning saw us folding and writing more Christmas cards, ready for posting today and sorting out some more presents online. Sunday afternoon, I returned to photography to take my mind of the forthcoming hospital assessment and spent a couple of hours finding out about photo books and how to produce them (another creative form of distraction for future reference!)

Today, it's back to Christmas preparations - putting together little gifts for our friends, ready to post in town later on....

I must confess, there are times I think I'm cracking on and making progress, then realize I've been on auto-pilot and really my mind is preparing for the news at the hospital on Thursday and rehearsing how to respond to different scenarios.  Steve says he's little less stressed than me, but when he absent-mindedly cleaned his teeth with stuff from the soap dispenser rather than toothpaste last night, I begin to wonder whether that's the case. Or perhaps he's just having a senior moment!

There's still the tree to bring inside and dress, the house to decorate, the  Christmas menu to plan, along with food for the family get together next weekend, so plenty to keep us occupied, not forgetting those last few presents.....Why do we always leave the difficult ones until last?


  1. Hi Linda, sending positive vibes for the assessment. Actually, counting down with you as well. I had written to you a few months ago about my husband's situation. A scan showed some abnormalities and a pleuroscopy was performed to remove additional fluid and to take some biopsies. Our countdown is for December 28 to see what we are dealing with, whether its Meso or something else. Your blog is very comforting. Best wishes for Christmas. Marg

  2. Hi Marg

    Try not to get too anxious about the results over Christmas (easy to say - not so easy to do, I know!) Will be thinking of you both on 28th. Let us know how you get on. Love and best wishes, Linda