Wednesday 14 December 2011

Countdown: 1

After getting well and truly wound up about Steve's assessment this time round, support from friends and the Meso Warriors things have helped get things back on a more even keel today. In fact, it's been like the lull before the storm (apart from the foul weather...)  

We kept calm and carried on - food shopping; present buying, wrapping and posting; menu sorted for the family festive get together in Bristol; tightening up the kitchen tap which was beginning to work itself loose....just another day, really - but ticking off more things on the "to do" list.  We even spotted some Red Kites flying low over our part of Oxford on the way to the supermarket - a wonderful sight. Let's hope they will visit more often!

Early start tomorrow, to beat the rush for X-rays then on to the Oncology Day Centre.  By the time we have walked between the departments and Steve has checked in and been weighed, Dr T will be looking at the X-ray and comparing it to the one from three months ago and the one taken back in 2009 to assess what's been happening inside. And then we'll be called in to hear the news.  

I'll let you know the outcome tomorrow.

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