Saturday 6 February 2010

upwardly mobile

As expected, Steve survived perfectly well without me for a few days last week with the help of a few phone calls and e-mails from family and friends, and some delicious home baking - another surprise present from our neighbours, Marie and Derek - thanks everyone for keeping an eye on him.

While I've been away Steve's tingles have changed.  The feeling has come back into most of his fingers and toes, but the tingling sensation has moved up slowly and gradually towards the centre of his body.  He's now having problems with the balls of his feet - not so good when you want to walk into town as we did earlier today...but he made it there and back again, without resorting to the bus.  The numbness in his fingers is wearing off, but his whole arm now tingles when he raises it to waist height.  Quite bizarre. I wish I could wire him up as a sustainable source of energy, with all these tingles, Steve's probably generating enough electricity to power an i-pod.....

We talked today about prognosis - not an easy subject, now that it is almost eight months since diagnosis and according to the statistics, 60% mesothelioma suffers are dead within a year of being told they have the disease.  However, Steve seems well enough in himself.  Given his current condition, we both find it hard to conceive that his health could deteriorate so rapidly that he might not be here in four months time.  Nevertheless, it has spurred us on to think hard about treatment options to discuss with the consultant when he goes back for his next review in March.  It's also an incentive to get a few more things sorted out, like finishing the latest set of Oxford Studio accounts; giving me power of attorney over his affairs; getting those maintenance jobs done around the house....not to mention driving lessons and getting that license....

Whilst I was away last week, Steve did manage to tick one of the items on the "to do" list.  At long last, he has replied to the solicitor's letter which has been sitting there since November - not that there's very much to add about possible sources of exposure to asbestos.  We're not holding our breath in expectation of a successful insurance claim, but at least the reply is now in the post so the wheels are turning again.  

The post also brought good news - three certificates from the RHS for my commended image, category winner and Photographer of the Year title, plus the prize money.  I can now order a present for the allotment association! However, there is to be no prize giving ceremony, which is a pity. What a wasted opportunity to get some free publicity for the RHS....(and they could have saved some money by putting all four bits of paper in one envelope, instead of three separate ones..)  

I'm back in London again most of next week, so if you have a moment, please drop Steve an e-mail or give him a ring so that he doesn't feel lonely while I'm away.  This is going to be a hard month work-wise, but I hope to redress the balance by getting together with friends in London on one or two evenings whilst I'm based there - much nicer than being stuck in a hotel room on my own.  

Pleae don't be alarmed by a few days silence on the blog - it's not a crisis - just me working away from base ;-)

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