Sunday, 21 February 2010

Dealing with "bigger"

Last weekend Steve treated himself to a new pair of cut off trousers in anticipation of spring arriving at some point in the not too distant future.  He bought his usual size without bothering to try them on in the shop, only to find that they were much too tight....So yesterday we walked back into town to change them for a larger size.  I had a similar problems over the last three weeks when I had to wear a business suit to work in London - jacket reluctant to do up and trousers a tight fit.  So it's official - we are both bigger than we should be.

The hours spent sitting around in hospital over a period of five months last year while Steve had his chemotherapy, and driving there and back, has taken its toll.  The change in eating regime from three meals a day to "little and often" which we adopted to help Steve minimize the feelings of nausea, has probably contributed to the problem in my case. No doubt, our ability to find something to celebrate, and thereby justify opening a bottle of wine most evenings, has had an effect on our expanding waistlines.  Not to mention all those cakes in NT tearooms in Steve's rest weeks!

So how will we deal with "bigger"?  I think I will have to decline the biscuit or cereal bar which now tends to come with morning coffee or afternoon tea and will try not to drink alcohol except at the weekends, unless there is something really special to celebrate.  The key, I think, is more exercise.  So we will aim to take a brisk walk of at least 30 minutes every day, and maybe even a gentle jog from time to time if/when Steve feels up to it.  

It won't be the proverbial "walk in the park", as Steve is still experiencing numbness and tingles in his feet which can make it uncomfortable to walk long distances.  However, we both agree that we would benefit from being more active. Now the days are getting longer and green shoots are appearing in the garden, it seems like a good time to get moving again.  Watch out Leo, we want to stop getting bigger.  You will be in for a bit of a jolt!

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