Thursday 18 February 2010

little rays of virtual sunshine on a grey day

It's been cold, grey and wet all day, making it hard to feel dynamic and positive.  Although it's still over two weeks away, Steve is already beginning to get just a little bit anxious about the prospect of his next CT scan and X ray, which will tell us what Leo has been up to these last three months.  I think he needs a distraction.  Time to write the birthday list, perhaps?

Any bit of good news is seized upon in such it's nice to have some little things to cheer us up!

This month's RPS Journal included a small piece about the RHS Photography Competition and reproduced my winning image.  On the back of that, the journal has asked me to review a book on garden photography - not paid, but I do get to keep the book afterwards, so I hope it's a good one!  

I discovered today that another image Potting Shed has been commended in the International Garden Photographer of the Year Competition.  I knew it had been shortlisted, but am delighted that it made the final cut this time round

Lastly, it seems that I've had work selected for a mixed media art show being held at the Jam Factory as part of the Oxford International Women's Festival. Here's the poster. That's one of mine in the middle

If you are around this way, I hope you can find time to drop in! 

It's still raining heavily as I write.  I'm sure we will both feel uplifted when there's a break in the clouds and a bit of sunshine manages to squeeze through.  When spring finally arrives, it should be spectacular - the early flowers held up by the harsh weather will be in bloom at the same time as those which normally come after.  We're looking forward to dusting off the NT card and getting out and about again......

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