Tuesday 23 February 2010


You may be asking yourself, who on earth is Esme and why has she suddenly taken pride of place on the blog, out of nowhere?  Let me shed some light on this mystery!  Esme is the daughter of our nephew Nick and his partner Kate.  She made her debut on this earth yesterday evening, rather later than expected, but well and perfect. Congratulations to the proud parents, and welcome little one :-))

Esme is the reason we felt justified opening a bottle of wine this evening, to wet the baby's head. No walk today or yesterday, but I'll take a long lunch break tomorrow so we can go into town and choose a birth day present for the newest member of the Wride clan. A good way to catch up on our activity deficit!

Miraculously, my temperature which peaked at 39.5C yesterday is now on its way back down, and the cough that woke me up with this morning seems to have disappeared. Perhaps the swine flu/seasonal flu jabs are working (or perhaps it's the wine, who knows?)  At least now, I'm less worried about passing something nasty on to Steve...we live in fear of him developing a cough so bad that it splits apart the two layers of pleura that were successfully stuck back together with sterilized talc last June, after the fluid was drained from his lung. 

Steve's numbness and tingles continue, but it doesn't seem to be getting any worse. He says its less noticeable after a good night's sleep, before we get up in the morning. That's his excuse for staying in bed as long as possible.  I have no excuse, but for the fact that I like to keep him company....

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