Thursday, 25 February 2010

It's the time of the season...

For some reason, the old Zombies' song, Time Of The Season keeps going round and round in my head so, perhaps not surprisingly, it's the theme for today's blog.

The birthday season
Earlier this week Esme, our new great niece, made her appearance.  Any minute now, our neighbours Derek and Marie will become grandparents for the first time (thinking of you Hollie, up there in Glasgow!)  Next week it will be Steve's turn. The period between Valentine's Day and Steve's birthday always seems to fly by, and this year is no exception.  Back last June when Steve was diagnosed with mesothelioma, it crossed my mind that he might not be here for this birthday.  But the thought was quickly set aside, and quite rightly so as it turns out. The birthday cake has been chosen, the fizz is ready to go on ice and in the next few days we'll decide what to do on 2 March, and where to do it. Mmmmm, better get a present sorted :-)

The silly season
The Daily Mail has featured an article under the headline "The Great Asbestos Hysteria: How one man claims the BBC, profiteering firms and politicians have exaggerated the dangers of asbestos"  When will people learn?  There is no known safe level of exposure to asbestos fibres in the atmosphere, regardless of whether its white, blue or brown. Disturb the stuff at your peril, Mr Booker.  

The hospital season
It's almost three months since Steve's last visit to hospital, but we'll be back again next week (thankfully not on Steve's birthday) for another scan and X-ray, the results of which will be discussed with the consultant the week after. Must write the list of options to discuss.....

The season of red tape
Today's post brought two letters - one from the solicitor giving us a progress update on the work they are doing on Steve's compensation claim and asking for clarification of a note in his medical records which refers to two occasions when he was exposed to asbestos "at work" in 1969, possibly in Bristol.  We have no idea where that information came from (he was a student back then) so will need to dig a bit deeper.  The other letter was from the Inland Revenue enclosing a second notice of coding - still incorrect, even though I spent a small fortune on the phone earlier this week trying to sort out ....Here we go again....

The awards season
Well done Jack for reaching and EXCEEDING your fundraising target for cancer research by running in the Bath Half Marathon on 7 March.  Many, many thanks to all of you who have sponsored him. There's still time to sign up - details under fundraising on the right hand side of the page. The weather has not been good for training runs, so Jack is not as well prepared as he hoped to be, but he will do it, of that you can be sure, and we will be there to cheer him on!

Not really an award, but hard on the heels of success in the RHS photography competition and IGPOTY (blog archive for 12 January and 18 February), a couple of my photos have been selected for publication in a photography magazine. More of that another time. 

Spreading the word
Steve's story and a link to the blog is now on the Mesothelioma Info website, along with others who are sharing their experiences. To read about these brave people, click on the link on the right, then on the link to "Mesothelioma Stories".

A busy week lies ahead - more on the birthday boy soon!

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