Sunday 4 October 2009

Take it easy ....Cycle 4, Day 13

By this time in Cycles 2 and 3, we were getting out and about, making the most of Steve's "rest" week.  Not so easy in Cycle 4. As well as the continuing fatigue, nasty taste in the mouth and nausea (all side effects of chemo) Steve has a bit of a sniffle and a sore mouth - just life's way of reminding you that you are still human and vulnerable to minor infections.  Nothing major, but enough to take the edge of what should be the start of a good week.

Still, we did mange to get out this morning for a quick trip to Woodstock (UK, not USA) to inspect the venue where my exhibition is due to take place as part of the Art in Woodstock Festival.  Hope House describes itself as a "boutique B & B".  In fact it's a lovely listed building currently being converted to visitors accommodation.  I thought an exhibition in a B & B would have a very limited audience.  However, the official launch of the venture will coincide with the exhibition/Arts Festival, so a few people might get to see my pictures after all.  Just got to print, mount and frame them now...No guesses as to what we'll be up to most of next week.  

So much for taking it easy.......

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