Sunday, 11 October 2009

Nearly crunch time ..Cycle 4, Day 20

Tomorrow will be the last day of Cycle 4 of Steve's chemotherapy, so we start to brace ourselves for a number of things:

  • the results of the CT scan and X-rays on Tuesday to see how Leo is doing
  • another two cycles of Cisplatin and Velcade (not forgetting the associated side effects and frequent hospital visits) if this combination of chemo is doing the job of knocking Leo down to size 

  • the start of a new regime using Cisplatin and Alimta (with fewer hospital visits but different side effects)

  • a break between chemo cycles if any of the test results come back outside the drug trial parameters, but the trail drug is otherwise being effective
Who knows what will happen in two days time?  You'll have to watch this space to find out.  

Meanwhile, I'll be off in Bristol from tomorrow morning until lunchtime on Tuesday for work-related training, so there is the dilemma of when to phone Steve to find out the news. Probably best to wait until the training course is over and I can find a quiet place to myself (just in case Leo isn't behaving himself).  But it will be hard to concentrate that morning, not knowing the outcome.  

Lots of patience and positive thoughts required!

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