Sunday 25 October 2009

Easy does it....Cycle 5, Days 5-6

It's ironic that the thing which is supposed to improve your quality of life over an extended period in the long term makes you feel rotten for much of the five months it's in progress.

When you feel washed out, there's not much you can do except take it easy - which is how Steve's been feeling this weekend while life has gone on around him, more or less. He likes being lazy creatively (his normal mode).  However, he has found enforced laziness very frustrating when there are things he wants to do. Just have to batten down the hatches 'til it passes.  We keep reminding ourselves that he will feel a little better as this cycle continues, and there's only one more cycle after this, for the time being at any rate.

The side effects of chemo have been compounded by the bug he's picked up in the last couple of days.  Although I've done my best I to keep my cough to myself, I think it's almost impossible not to pass on germs without going into isolation.  So we kept ourselves busy yesterday taking his temperature every few hours. It was getting dangerously close to the point where a call the hospital would have been necessary, but thankfully has now subsided so I think the crisis has passed. Time for me to have the swine flu jab, I think.  Steve will have to wait until the full course of chemo is over.

It's not been all bad.  We were cheered up by seeing Katie and George, albeit briefly - their waking hours do not coincide with ours these days!  I had a very positive response to the opening of the exhibition in Woodstock, which was pleasing. Jack will have a wonderful new bathroom when we next visit him in Bristol - oh, the joy of seeing the end of the ancient pink suite, at long last! Two more trips to the Churchill this coming week, then a whole week without a hospital visit -  a rare event since May. Something to look forward to!

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