Friday 9 October 2009

Flipping the switch ...Cycle 4, Day 18

At long last - Tuesday saw the start of things getting better in terms of chemo side effects.  By Wednesday, the switch had flipped and Steve lasted a whole day without taking an anti-sickness tablet.  He also stayed awake all day, enjoyed a bottle of wine with our evening meal and had a "normal" bed time.  

The feeling good turnaround happened just in time to deal with a crisis on the domestic front - the fridge died. Having established that it would cost almost as much to repair the old one as to buy new, we spent the rest of the day researching a replacement that would fit into the space available, tracking down a retailer with the chosen model in stock, and  taking an unscheduled trip to High Wycombe to buy and collect. So much for our plans to work on photography stuff!  Still, at least we now have fresh food to offer Katie and George, on a flying visit between Gatwick airport and Yorkshire, on their return from a short break in Spain.

Here's hoping the next few days are a bit calmer and more productive, and that Steve can make the most of his remaining "rest" days before chemo resumes next week, always assuming that treatment goes to plan.  A phrase with the words "eggs" "chickens" and "hatched" springs to mind...

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