Thursday 21 March 2013

What can you do in two days?

We returned home yesterday evening after spending two days in Bristol.  It was hard work, but we managed to fit in quite a lot!

As well as the drive there and back again, we had a very enjoyable social evening meeting up for a meal with friends I used to work with, and adjourned to the pub afterwards to carry on catching up with each other's news.

The other main event was to be at the house where Steve's mum used to live, ready for the successful bidders at eBay auctions to pick up the various items of furniture they had won.  Over the course of the two days, we moved or helped to move out four wardrobes, one tall boy, two tables, three armchairs, one sofabed, two sewing cabinets, a mattress and a table lamp, as well as picking up a few more items to take home with us.

Being good guests, we also did a bit of house-keeping and plant care at son Jack's house where we stayed overnight.

However, it wasn't all hard work.  In between shifting furniture, we took a trip out to Severn Beach for a walk along the estuary and a mini-photo shoot of the Second Severn Crossing, followed by a brief foray into Wales for a quick walkabout in Chepstow before fortifying ourselves with coffee and cakes for the early evening furniture removal.

One foot in England, the other in Wales: my reason for taking a photo of Steve on the bridge at Chepstow with a lamp post growing out of his head!

The Second Severn Crossing

By the time we arrived back in Oxford last night around 9 pm and unloaded the car, we were both pretty tired. But Steve did remarkably well considering it's only four weeks since his last cycle of chemotherapy finished and he still suffers occasionally with side effects of treatment.

Jobs done, we can now spend a few days relaxing again and letting the tired muscles recover while we plan our next adventure and catch up on e-mails and other things that have happened while we've been away.

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