Monday 18 March 2013

going forward on many fronts

Although we have been in hibernation for the best part of five months whilst Steve was having chemo, the outside world has carried on regardless and we are only now catching up with what others have been up to.  As a result, over the last week, what we have done has been very much driven by events in the lives of those near and dear to us. 

After a long spell in hospital, Steve's mum went to convalesce in a care home in Bristol late last year.  She liked it so much she decided to stay, asked the family to sell her former home and her sons to set up a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) to help her manage her financial affairs.  

Steve volunteered to sort out the LPA and has been working his way through the intricacies of the legal process since then.  Last week, the final part in the jigsaw puzzle of documentation was received and, at long last, the application to register the LPA has been dispatched.  All we can do now is wait and keep our fingers crossed that it goes through without a hitch.

Steve's treatment has prevented us from taking a very active role sorting out and disposing of the contents of his mum's house and making it ready to go on the market. However, we have been able to document and list some of the larger items of remaining furniture to sell on eBay.  The auctions finished today and it has been a great success! Just have to sort out collection of furniture in Bristol now...

Another major event while Steve was having treatment was daughter Katie looking for, and eventually buying, a flat in London with partner Ed.  We helped them move in a couple of weeks ago, knock down a wall and remove the old kitchen.  We've just returned from another couple of days in London, this time helping to put up shelves and cupboards in the new kitchen and bathroom, and fetching and carrying things by car which are too heavy or bulky to take on public transport.  As before, we returned with a vehicle full of stuff to recycle locally, mainly cardboard this time, which was sorted out this morning.

Luckily for us, whilst in London, we missed the unexpected snowfall in Oxford yesterday.  Much of it had disappeared by the time we arrived back home last night, although there have been a few flurries today...when will spring finally arrive?  Like everyone else, we are really looking forward to some warmer weather and being able to get out and about again without putting on arctic kit!

We've been following our son's progress around New Zealand via photos on Facebook and will be spending tomorrow night at his place in Bristol where we will be meeting up for a meal with friends from my Planning Inspectorate days, as well as sorting out the collection of items sold on eBay....

As the financial year approaches, we've been back in contact with the accountant about Wride and Company's accounts and end of year returns for the planning consultancy work we've done over the last 12 months.  Not a lot since Steve started treatment, as you can imagine....

I've also been doing a daily session judging photographs in the Best Shots competition, although not doing any photography of my own and getting withdrawal symptoms!  

Our meso community friends in the cyber world have been springing surprises.... Ray, the husband of Meso warrior Mavis was taken into hospital following a series of heart attacks, which took everyone by surprise.  But thankfully, he's back home now and Mavis is sorting out a healthy diet to keep him there!  

Debbie in Plymouth has been in hospital for a blood transfusion and has been having problems with some pain. Ray (Amanda's partner) has also been having pain and nosebleeds caused by the pain relief.  Jan's meso hasn't been playing up, but her stomach problems have been getting her down, poor thing.  Tess in Kent is battling on with more chemo and the associated side effects.  Sending love and hugs to all of you, and meso warriors around the world.  

When the next few days are over, we are hoping to make some progress on matters close to our own hearts which have fallen by the wayside recently...some more social meet ups, photography and travel in particular, as well as practical things like spring cleaning and gardening...when spring finally decides to arrive!  Soon please, soon...

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