Sunday 3 March 2013

Birthday boy blog :-)

What I did on my birthday....

Hello everyone, Steve here making a guest appearance.

Firstly, I want to say a big thank you to everybody who sent me birthday wishes, via the post, email and Facebook, and an extra special thank you to the Warriors who sent me the beautiful bunch of flowers, I was touched. 

I really must work out how to respond on Facebook.  My excuse is that once I learn how, I'll be on it all the time and I'd get even less done than I do now!

What do you get a man who doesn't want anything for his birthday? Can I suggest a "white van experience"? 

Driving from Oxford to London, around London to Ikea and Homebase, and then back to Oxford in a Trafic van was a hoot. Throw in transporting a demolished stud partition and redundant kitchen units to two recycling sites in Haringey which have headroom restrictions of 1.8 metres to keep such vans out to disuade trade use, and then back down the motorway to the Oxford recycling centre to dump the stuff there, and you have the perfect present!  

It was good to be able to help out at Katie and Ed's new flat. Amazing progress in transforming it to meet their needs has been made in such a short time. It also took our minds off the imminent clinic visit on Thursday when I get my scan results. 

I certainly feel well, and the unpleasant side affects of the chemo have almost completely disappeared now, so fingers crossed for good news.

The four year anniversary of my diagnosis is in June, I will write another guest post then. 

Bye for now.

Steve x

Editor's Note
In case you are wondering, he wasn't being ironic...Steve really did enjoy being a white van man!  

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