Tuesday 5 March 2013

a bit like buses....

You are probably familiar with the saying about English buses.  You wait and wait at the bus stop and nothing comes for half an hour, then six buses turn up together.  

Our lives feel a bit like buses at the moment...Five months of not a lot happening whilst Steve has chemo, then everything kicks off at more or less the same time!  

In the last week....

  • Steve had a post-chemo scan
  • daughter Katie and partner Ed became the proud owners of a London flat 
  • we spent three days in London helping get the new flat ready to move into and transporting things in a big white van driven by Steve
  • Steve celebrated another birthday on Saturday, the fourth since he was diagnosed with mesothelioma
  • we took son Jack to Heathrow airport yesterday to wave him off on a trip to New Zealand via China
  • we enjoyed a long lazy pub lunch today with friends from our student days, visiting Oxford on their way back north after a weekend away
  • tomorrow we will be at Focus on Imaging at the NEC, Birmingham to get a bit of photographic sparkle back into our lives
All this activity is well timed to take our minds off Thursday, the Big Day when we will be told the results of Steve's scan and find out what effect six cycles of chemo (pemetrexed/Alimta and carboplatin) have had on his mesothelioma.  

Whilst all these activities provide some distraction, the reality is that the results of the scan are at the forefront of our thoughts for much, if not all, of the time. Not surprising really, as the outcome of Thursday's appointment will determine our lives for the next three months or so and if/how the largely blank pages of the calender for the rest of March, April, May and early June will be filled.  

But tomorrow is another day.  Focus here we come!

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