Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Back on track, if a little later than planned....

If you read yesterday's blog, you'll be aware that we were anxious about whether there would be enough time for the radiologist to write a report in between Steve's scan on 26 February and his follow up assessment two days later.  

Encouraged by friends and the Meso Warriors, I contacted the hospital this morning and eventually the lead chemo nurse rang back to discuss our concerns.  As we suspected, it's a very tight turnaround time and whilst not impossible, it's very unlikely that the radiology report would be ready in time to discuss at the follow up meeting as scheduled.

Rather than take that risk and get ourselves all psyched up for nothing, Steve's assessment has been put back to the next week, allowing a full seven working days between the scan and the follow up meeting.  All being well, that will be sufficient time for radiology to assess the scan and report.

Of course, it prolongs that agony of waiting to know the outcome, but at least we will be able to make an informed decision about what, if anything, happens next, knowing that its based on a detailed report by an expert in such matters.

Many thanks to all those who contacted us after reading yesterday's blog - it's wonderful to know there is all that support out there for us!  

This is for you, for tomorrow....but must pretend you don't know who its from ;-)

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  1. Looks like Ray and Steve will be getting their scan results in the same week so let's hope we can all put the champagne on ice.