Wednesday, 20 February 2013

baby steps back and forth

Having finally finished his six 21 day cycles of chemo (pemetrexed/Alimta and carboplatin), our expectations are that Steve will slowly but surely recover from the side effects of treatment.

Yesterday was a small but significant baby step forward - for the first time in ages, he blew his nose and didn't leave a bloody stain on the tissue.

This morning however, he felt nauseous as he was getting out of bed and was physically sick for the first time since the start of chemo back last October, if my memory serves me correctly.  I had been wondering whether it was time to put away the emergency bedside bucket, but it seems that baby step forward will have to wait a while longer...

Although we have been keen to get out and about again after the long winter/chemo hibernation, no plans were made for this week as we need to be around to take a delivery on behalf of daughter Katie.  

I confess...I had felt just a little bit disappointed at being home bound again.  However, in retrospect, perhaps a quiet week relaxing and recovering is a good idea.  Steve's body has had a lot of punishment over the last five months or so and it will take time to recover from the side effects of six cycles of treatment.  There's a busy period ahead of us late February/early March, so now is a good time to build up strength and energy.

Special hugs to other meso warriors Debbie in Plymouth, who is back in hospital being treated for an infection which is unrelated to the mesothelioma and to Tess who starts a new regime of chemotherapy tomorrow.

I have added two new blogs to "We are not Alone" both by Australians with mesothelioma: Lou Williams a long term survivor first diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma in late 2003 followed by pleural mesothelioma in October 2009, and Steve Cook who was diagnosed in spring 2012. You can follow their journeys by clicking the links on the right.  The band of Meso Warrior brothers and sisters marches on.....

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