Sunday, 24 February 2013

a bit of quiet, some drama and the wizard of Oz

Watching the Six Nations Rugby Cup on TV yesterday reminded me that around this time last year, we were in a snowy Rome watching England v Italy at the Stadio Olympico, seeing the sights, visiting museums and galleries and enjoying the hospitality of fellow photographer Giuseppe and his wife Maria Adele.  

Although the weather has been similar this year - bitterly cold with occasional snow flurries - in other respects, this week couldn't be more different to last year. Very quiet indeed. Whilst I've had lots to keep me occupied, other than going out to do the food shop, Steve has stayed tucked up indoors the whole time, enjoying crosswords, sudoku and web browsing.  

Thankfully, no more nose bleeds and no more sickness after last Wednesday's episode, although Steve still needs to nibble on a ginger biscuit before getting up so as to avoid morning nausea.  While his appetite is good, he is still experiencing "off" tastes so we have yet to enjoy a beer or bottle of wine together.  And his energy levels remain low, although he feels a bit brighter day by day. 

So a quiet week all round here, in stark contrast the fellow meso bloggers Debbie, Tess and Jan:  

Debbie has been in hospital fighting an infection and having a very bad reaction to the antibiotics intended to help her recover. Tess has started chemo, but had problems with her arm swelling up which suggested there may have been some leakage into the surrounding tissue.  Jan has at long last found out the cause of her stomach problems, only to be told that fixing the problem might risk disturbing the mesothelioma and spreading it into her abdomen.  

Sending love, hugs and positive thoughts to all of you xx

Reading about all these dramas makes me appreciate how lucky we are to have had such a quiet week.  However, things are due to change soon....

Steve's long awaited post-chemo scan is on Tuesday.  In contrast to the long time we had to wait for a scan appointment followed by another nail biting wait to hear the results, Steve in Australia saw his oncologist last Friday, has his scan appointment tomorrow, Monday, and the results will be available at his appointment on Wednesday.  I think we could do with a little of that Wizard of Oz magic here, Steve!  Fingers crossed that the Gemzar chemo works well for you.

Daughter Katie and partner Ed are hoping to get the keys to their new home in London some time during this coming week.  If that happens, we are on call to deliver the various bits and pieces we have been storing for them pending this momentous occasion, to help dismantle the old kitchen and knock down a partition wall.  And yes....we will be very careful to check there is no asbestos present before any demolition takes place.....

It's Steve's birthday next Saturday - another welcome milestone as any meso warrior will tell you - and we are looking forward to seeing son Jack who will be here to help us celebrate! 

But there's another week before then and who knows what's around that particular corner?  With that thought in mind, this seemed like an appropriate way to finish today's post - it's called The Other Side.  Enjoy :-) 

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